MBO Funding

Management Buy Out

Are you looking for funding for a Management Buy Out?

At Sterling Capital Reserve we provide proactive services to the proposed management buy out team throughout the transaction. In such cases our role becomes pivotal. We deal with the vendor, the funders, the solicitors and other professionals on behalf of the MBO team, from inception through to legal completion.

It is easier to continue an existing company rather than start a new business and a management buy out could be your ideal solution.

A funder will support you financially for Management Buy Out for a number of years but once the finance is repaid you will have gained an equity value in your own business for a relatively small investment.

With a small personal investment combined with MBO Finance you could stand to greatly increase your personal wealth and have job security. If your employer sold the company to an external party then the new owners could take the decision to bring in their own management team.

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