Management Buy Outs - About MBO Funding

MBO Funding is a specialist area of finance sourced specifically for management buy outs or buy ins.

MBO Funding is sourced by Sterling Capital Reserve Ltd, a professional Corporate and Commercial Finance practice that has been sourcing funds for MBO’s and MBI’s for over 12 years.  We work in partnership with our clients to provide a range of innovative and competitive funding packages for management buy outs.

At Sterling Capital Reserve Ltd, our corporate finance advisors have extensive experienced in accountancy, corporate finance and banking. In all transactions we work alongside our commercial finance brokerage, which enables us to access many different sources of finance to ensure that the most appropriate funders are approached.

It is a myth that Management Buy Out's have to be multi million pound businesses, before they can obtain affordable professional advice. At Sterling Capital Reserve Ltd most of the MBO's we conclude are in respect of family owned businesses in the £500k to £5million turnover sector.

Why choose us above a corporate finance department of an accountancy practice?

  • As we are an independent practice and not owned by any of the larger accountancy practices, we can undertake Management Buy Out's at "sensible fee" rates.  In most cases our fees are totally contingent upon completion of a successful transaction ensuring that we “buy in” to the deal with you.
  • Our MBO funding team, trained and qualified with large accountancy practices and provide a lead advisory role throughout the transaction, we don’t use unqualified trainees.
  • With access to many innovate debt finance providers through our Commercial Finance Brokerage, we are able to use more creative funding packages than the conventional high street bank can offer, thereby increasing your chances of funding the deal.

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